Cappuccino Readings (as The Cappuccino Adda was called until June 2018) was founded with the aim of fostering a literary cafe culture in Mumbai. ‘Coffee, Tea and Poetry @ the Cafe’ was its byline. Cappuccino Readings completed four years in April 2018. It has been a wonderful and exciting journey for us where we have made friends and shared some really outstanding poetry through the years. All of this was even more precious for us because of the camaraderie we shared during the readings and it was this very warmth and collegiality that created magic at every Cappuccino Readings session.
For some months now CR has been on a hiatus partly because sometimes ‘life’ gets in the way of our best laid plans and intentions but also because we have been trying to recalibrate the structure of Cappuccino Reading, to change its format from one where poets read from their poetry to one where we try to offer a space for ‘conversations’ about literature and language. The attempt would be to yet maintain the spirit of friendship, camaraderie and ‘family’ while engaging in these conversations and hence we conceive of this more as an adda where there is room for debate, discussion and also difference.
Cappuccino Readings has come this far in its journey only and solely because of the largehearted generosity it has received from the writing community and from a wonderful and engaged audience. Your support for this fledgeling outfit has sustained and nurtured it. The new avatar (now christened The Cappuccino Adda) continues to rely on and seeks the same indulgence from you and we are confident that if you are with us we will continue to build the Cappuccino Adda platform as an inclusive space for dialogue and camaraderie.
We cannot, however, open this new chapter without acknowledging the contribution of Jennifer Robertson and Smita Sahay who, as part of the CR team, have played such a vital role in nurturing CR for the past four years. While bidding them farewell and much success in all their future endeavours, The Cappuccino Adda is confident that even though they might not now be formally involved in the running of this initiative that they will never cease to be an integral part of the Cappuccino family.
This, briefly, was what we did in the past years –

CR has organized regular Readings at coffee shops in the city. CR aims to have Readings where new voices get a platform to read their work and also get an opportunity to share the stage with senior established writers and poets. It also attempts to have at lease one poet in every Reading who writes in a language other than English.

Over the past three years of its existence, Cappuccino Readings has happily seen the cafe scene in Mumbai changing and, as of 2016, various cafes in the city have opened their doors to poetry readings, slam poetry, spoken word and performance poetry.

Cappuccino Readings now feels that, having initiated this literary cafe culture in the city, it is time for the CR to move base from the Starbucks coffee shop to the Kitab Khana bookstore where it will continue its efforts towards projecting new talent and giving new voices a platform where they share their work with established writers. Accordingly, the first reading in this series was held at the bookstore in November 2016.

The Cappuccino Adda events will be announced here as well as on our official fb page here . Please ‘like’ the page so you may get updates of our schedules.

We look forward to seeing you at the next adda.

Queries, suggestions and comments about The Cappuccino Adda are most welcome. you can contact us here on facebook or write to anjalikpurohit@gmail.com

With a Cappuccino Cheers!!!!
anjali purohit
(signing for The Cappuccino Adda)