6th July 2018: Marathi and Gujarati Poetry Today


CAPPU ADDA JULY 2018jpeg.jpg

6th July 2018 marked the first of The Cappuccino Adda. Hemant Divate, Prabodh Parikh and Udayan Thakker led a sparkling conversation about Marathi and Gujarati poetry. Brilliantly hosted by Menka Shivdasani with Mustansir Dalvi adding much support, it proved to be a fabulous beginning to what promises to be a series of dialogues on literature, culture and all things writing.

This is what Nancy Adajania had to say about the Adda –

The first of Anjali Purohit’s Cappuccino Adda series at Kitab Khana began on a mesmerising trilingual note with exchanges in Marathi, Gujarati and English. Prabodh Parikh, Hemant Divate and Udayan Thakker recited the poems of much canonised poets, as well as those who came of age in the 1990s: Narayan Surve, Vinda Karandikar, Arun Kolatkar, Neerav Patel, Saleel Wagh, among others. The poets organically segued into each other’s home tongues without the pressures of political correctness, regional ideology or any kind of artifice. While their voices slid from abhang to ghazal to free verse, from onomatopoeic song to cusswords, good taste to bad taste, hermetic register to popular appeal, savarna address to Dalit rage, we, in the audience, reciprocated by keeping up with the hybrid sounds and breath choreographies of the evening. Cappuccino Adda – 1 was a tribute to the multi-lingual, cosmopolitan nature of Bombay, Bom Bahia, Mumbai, Bombaim.

Thanks a lot for these kind words, Nancy. We are in your debt.

Some images from the session –


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