18th Sept 2018: Another Cappu Adda

The Cappuccino Adda of 18th September 2018 was a closed adda in the spirit of a ‘mehfil’ since the stage and mic was not available that day at the Kitab Khana and we could accommodate only about ten to fifteen chairs in the small mezzanine classics section at the Kitab Khana. It was nevertheless a reallyContinue reading “18th Sept 2018: Another Cappu Adda”

6th July 2018: Marathi and Gujarati Poetry Today

6th July 2018 marked the first of The Cappuccino Adda. Hemant Divate, Prabodh Parikh and Udayan Thakker led a sparkling conversation about Marathi and Gujarati poetry. Brilliantly hosted by Menka Shivdasani with Mustansir Dalvi adding much support, it proved to be a fabulous beginning to what promises to be a series of dialogues on literature,Continue reading “6th July 2018: Marathi and Gujarati Poetry Today”

26th AUGUST 2017, Copper. Raw Umber. Ochre. August

Cappuccino Readings was looking forward to celebrating the glorious rich colours of August with an exciting and eclectic panel comprising the poets, Sampurna Chattarji, Jane Bhandari, Sachin Ketkar, Anand Thakore, Ramneek Singh, Ashwani Kumar and Archna Sahni. Who best then to commence the reading than Jane Bhandari who is also an artist along with beingContinue reading “26th AUGUST 2017, Copper. Raw Umber. Ochre. August”

17th June 2017: …and June Trembles Like a Butterfly

CR Report 17th June ’17: …and June Trembles Like a Butterfly Amidst the sure but soft foreshadows in the darkening sky, the air dense with humidity and the city holding its breath for the rain that was playing a teasing mischievous hide and seek, the black board of Cappuccino Readings at Kitab Khana announced aContinue reading “17th June 2017: …and June Trembles Like a Butterfly”


Winters have been flirting with Bombay for a few weeks before we all sat down with our cups of chai and coffee at the gorgeous Kitaab Khana to listen to poetry. Scenes from North Carolina, Versova, Tunisia, Delhi and Dapoli flitted in front of our eyes as poets shared their beautiful verses. Laura Traister, theContinue reading “POEMS UNDER THE JANUARY SUN: 27th Jan 2017”


As the skies poured down on us outside, seven fabulous poets uplifted our spirits with poetry that came from the heart and resonated across the length and breadth of the cafe. Anju Makhija, Ranjit Hoskote, Sampurna Chattarji, Lina Krishnan, Tanuj Solanki, Kamalakar Bhat and Devika Gupta cast a spell from which we didn’t want toContinue reading “AUGUST 2016: FREEDOM. PEACE. POETRY.”

November 2016: To Old Friends and New Beginnings

Cappuccino Readings closed one chapter and opened a new one on 11th November 2016. New beginnings are always sweeter when old friends are standing with you. And so it was that our shift from the Starbucks coffee shop to the warm and welcoming Kitab Khana Bookstore, our Grihapravesh so to speak, was brought in byContinue reading “November 2016: To Old Friends and New Beginnings”


Poetry to invoke the rain…and the first rain came down that night… As ARUNDHATHI SUBRAMANIAM, MUSTANSIR DALVI, ANJALI PUROHIT, DANISH HUSAIN, BARNALI RAY SHUKLA, SMITA SAHAY AND ROHINI GUPTA read last Friday in an evening that was filled with the magic of poetry and camaraderie. Some images from the event and a brief report –Continue reading “10th JUNE 2016: EARTH . RAIN . POETRY”


CAPPUCCINO READINGS FOR KITAB KHANA @ FIVE: 14th March 2016   Cappuccino Readings was delighted to hold its March reading at the Kitab Khana on the occasion of their fifth anniversary. Kitab Khana is one book store that has always lovingly nurtured literature and poetry by not only hosting some wonderful literature events at theContinue reading “14th MARCH 2016: CAPPUCCINO READINGS FOR KITAB KHANA @ FIVE”

29th January 2016: Beginning the New Year with John Nobody

It was a sparkling start to 2016 as Cappuccino Readings opened with Anju Makhija, Ranjit Hoskote, Manisha Lakhe, Rochelle D’Silva, Vivek Tandon, Tsippy Levin Byron and Kavita Rayirath kept the audience mesmerised with their verse even as Ranjit read from Dom Moraes’s John Nobody and share some very valuable insights into Dom’s life, influences andContinue reading “29th January 2016: Beginning the New Year with John Nobody”